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06:57pm 17/11/2004
mood: tired
Went to Hinkle tonight to play In The Groove with angelicaya and riquid, but the 2nd player side was "out of order"! WTF is that? >_<

Well, I played a couple of games by myself, and I have to say that it's pretty fun. I wasn't too impressed with the music, but that stuff usually grows on you anyway. The expert steps are really freaking hard, too. I probably should have put 1.5x on a couple of times, but it was pretty fun overall. The only dumb part is the mines. Whyyyyy are there mines in such retaaaaaarded places?

They have DDR Extreme Plus, too, but I didn't bother with that since I couldn't even remember what was different about it. Overall I'll probably have to go back and play a few more times. It had been too long, so I really felt it trying to pull me back in. If only we had a better place to play here in the apartment... :/

I went to my friend Eva's birthday party over the weekend, which was cool since I hadn't seen her or her sister Anna in forever. Seems like Eva's having fun being in medical school and stuff. Hopefully she can come to Chris's birthday party this weekend. Speaking of which, I've been playing lots of strategy-type games with Chris and Shelley since they moved back here in August. They recently got a bunch of new games, and we've played most of them. Princes of Florence, Medici, and Lunar Rails were all a lot of fun. We played a game called Air Baron, too, and that was cool except it seems to take forever to finish... ~.~

Yeah, I guess that's it for random updates for the time being. Here's a silly meme that I stole from riven~ <3

Type a letter into your internet browser and see what comes up meme~Collapse )
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Why don't you whine about it?   
06:45pm 16/11/2004
mood: busy
Agh, I'm so far behind on anime ~.~

Oh well, I'll try to catch up tonight after work.

Started working in lifestyles (music, anime, games) at Hastings today. It's cool because I enjoy helping people out on the floor more than working register, and I don't have to worry about being short or over on my drawer. Work has been really cool aside from the low pay, though. I really like all of my co-workers, and I haven't had any customers who were rude or annoying the whole time I've worked there. The weirdest thing so far was the couple buying some weird cult Christian movie telling me that I really should watch it. The remodel is finally almost over, so I'm working a few less hours again and I don't have 8-5 shifts every Tuesday and Thursday, which is good.

School's still going well - nothing much to speak of there. I'm really psyched that Pop'n Music 10 is coming out on Thursday - I pre-ordered mine from YesAsia, so hopefully that will work out well. I've never ordered games from them before. Oh, and apparently they now sell Japanese manga! Which is totally awesome - I'm probably going to make an order next paycheck and take advantage of their free shipping.

Meh, I had a couple of other things to update about, but it's time to get back to work, so maybe I'll post again later. Probably just watch anime after I get back, though. We'll see. Jascy out~
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01:50am 16/10/2004
mood: okay
Well, it's been a while... Last time I updated I was still sweltering in the New Mexico heat since angelicaya got the swamp cooler in her room, but it's getting cool enough here that the heater keeps coming on, so I thought I'd do some sort of update. Maybe one per season is a reachable goal for me!

So what's new... I'm back in school at the University of New Mexico - I'm taking French 201 (cool), Chinese 101 (cool), Supernatural Japan (a cool Japanese literature course), Economics 106 (not cool), and Physics 151L (ugh). So it all balances out. I'm having a much better year than any before here at UNM - mostly because my roommate and sister are going to school as well, I think. Hopefully I can stick it out this time and get my foreign languages degree in a couple of years...

I also finally got another job - I'm working part time at Hastings, a books, music, games, and video superstore-type thing for those of you unlucky enough not to have one. The pay sucks but the employee discount is great, and the people at my store are almost all very cool. Even our store manager is really nice! We're going through a remodel right now, expanding greatly (which is the reason they've been hiring so much), and I might even get to work in the new "lifestyles" section or whatever they're calling it, with the games, anime, and graphic novels, among other things. I think that would be better than working register all the time, so hopefully the new manager for that area will pick me to work there. I also get my first evaluation/potential pay raise in another couple months, so we'll see how it goes. Working sucks but it sure is nice being able to pay things like rent and bills and people who were so kind as to loan me money again... --;

School and work have kept me relatively busy, and with the new October season starting, I've been updating JASCII again - I'm pretty much caught up right now, although I do have one series that I need to write up tomorrow. (Sneak preview: Grenadier is retarded) I've also been doing a little bit of fansubbing here and there - hoping to finish Gakkou no Kaidan and Comet-san sometime this decade, since they're both such great, underappreciated series.

Other than that, there's not much going on. I was playing a lot of Pop'n Music before the new season started, but I still suck. I'm eagerly anticipating the release of Pop'n 10, though. Definitely one thing I'll be splurging on while I'm trying to work my way out of debt again. I can't really think of anything else, so I guess I'll try to get back to sleep - I have to be at work in 6 hours, but I woke up at midnight because my body is disobedient and doesn't like it when I try to go to bed at a different time every day. Talk about slacking. >.>
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Back from Otakon 2004   
07:23am 02/08/2004
  Well, it's over, I slept, and now I thought I'd write a little bit.

Overall, I had a lot of fun! There was a lot to do on Saturday, I got two Koge-Donbo autographs and an Angela autograph, both concerts were cool, and I got around to seeing almost everyone I knew that came! (yay for finally getting to see konoha karaoke on Sunday) There were some dumb things too - mainly that they scheduled the Koge-Donbo panel against lining up for the L'arc~en~ciel concert, so i only got to go to about half of it, then got only average seats for the concert. Good thing angelicaya isn't a huge L'arc fan, or I would have had to skip it altogether... Also, waiting in the concert and registration lines definitely sucked. Stupid lines.

Notable things about the concerts: Japanese performers are awesome when they speak Engrish - Ken (the guitarist from L'arc) did a crazy dolphin thing, Hyde was great with his random stuff, Atsuko from Angela was really cute trying to get through her set phrases, and Katsu from Angela was awesome with his "She's BABE" comments... L'arc was definitely supposed to play Dive to Blue, but Blurry Eyes was good at least... Katsu's hair was awesome, and so was Atsuko's outfit. Japanese artists always seem to look cool... Oh, and there sure were a lot of people attempting to record the entire Angela concert - like three or four of them right next to me. ~.~

I didn't bring a camera (I never do), but starcreator did, and I made him take pictures of a few of my favorite costumes I saw over the weekend. My favorites were a Myao from Rhapsody, a cute Seung Mina, and a really cute Tama-chan from Bottle Fairy! There were also a couple of others we saw when we had no cameraman accessible, like a cute Suu from Clover, and another girl whose costume was really cool, but we had no idea where she was from. Going to look through con pictures later to see if we can find her. Oh, there was a really nice group doing Psycho le Cemu cosplay too, and there were LOTS of cool Gothic Lolita and other J-Rock outfits. We even saw a Gothic Lolita tea party being held outside on Sunday morning. ^^

I guess the other cool thing I wanted to mention about this year's Otakon was that the Japanese Street Attire panel was really cool! They gave out Princess Ai stickers and also held a cool fashion show with people dressed up in Gal, Kogal, Ganguro, Gothic Lolita, and Punk style outfits, all of which were really impressive. I also saw sampatches in the fashion show, and her outfit was very cute~

That's about it for now. If I remember anything else important, I'll edit this entry later, I guess. Staying here in Maryland until Thursday, then flying down to Nashville and going to Chattanooga for my friend's wedding. Should be lots of fun! :)
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Otakon 2004! ~.~   
05:11am 28/07/2004
mood: anxious
It's here... leaving in about 20-30 minutes to get on a plane and fly to Baltimore! angelicaya is coming with me, happily, and despite my being broke I'm aiming to have a great time. Staying with starcreator until August 5th, then flying down to Tennessee for my friend's wedding, then taking the bus back home to Albuquerque. Should be a fun adventure.

All of you that are going to Otakon, I hope I'll see you around, although I won't be attending many industry panels because of their horrible scheduling... I'll definitely be going to Koge-Donbo autographs, Angela concert, L'arc concert, and that's about all I'm really sure about. The rest will have to wait until I see if some of these other panels are any good and what we feel like doing.
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Okay, I give in...   
07:01am 26/07/2004
I am flower named jasconius !
I consist of my friends!
Are you flower too?


On a side note, I was trying to look up the name of the singer for the Moomin theme from Pop'n Music 11 (current music), and a google search on her first name tuned up no other hits than song lists for Pop'n 11... Pretty unique name, and I'm not really sure how to pronounce it... Yamagishi Amiko or something? She sings really cute in the song~
02:43pm 21/07/2004
mood: silly
Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in
1. drawing score: 19
2. suikoden score: 16
3. disgaea score: 15
4. japan score: 15
5. seiyuu score: 14
6. music score: 14
7. final fantasy score: 14
8. cowboy bebop score: 13
9. rpgs score: 13
10. video games score: 13
11. writing score: 13
12. kingdom hearts score: 12
13. movies score: 12
14. yaoi score: 12
15. la pucelle score: 12
16. cosplay score: 12
17. harry potter score: 11
18. reading score: 11
19. fushigi yuugi score: 11
20. computers score: 11

Type your username here to find out what interests it suggests for you.

coded by ixwin
Find out more


I'm glad that it got La Pucelle and other reasonable interests though. ^^
A dream-turned-story   
01:14am 28/06/2004
mood: creative
It's been a while since I posted... I got registered for classes at UNM this fall... Laura, Joel, and I are moving downstairs very soon... I'm housesitting for my parents while they're out of town, so I can use their nice big HDTV... I guess that's it for updates.

The real reason I'm posting today is that I woke up from taking a nap this evening with some very vivid imagery in my head - the end of a story that lasted the whole dream, but I could only remember the end, no matter how hard I tried. The more I thought about it, the more interesting it became to me, though. I managed to turn it into the beginning of a story by the time I actually got up, and convinced myself to give a shot at writing it down. So, here's a little prologue to something I have floating around in my head right now. I don't think I was able to completely capture the images I have, but I'd like to improve on it later. I just thought it would be a waste to let it drift out of my memory. ^^

A little prologue I wroteCollapse )

Comments appreciated if you decide to read it, but definitely not required. It's a very rough draft that I just wanted to get set in words.
Another weekend of pond-building   
11:13am 29/05/2004
  Every time I come up here to the parents' house, I seem to have a lot of free time. Last week my dad wasn't ready for me at all at the time that we agreed to start and this week he's been plagued by problems getting a hose to hook up to our pump. Good thing that right before I left, I thought to myself, "You know, it certainly wouldn't hurt to take the PS2, just in case..." So I've been playing DDR, and boy do I suck. I'm really out of shape since I never play anymore. Really looking forward to moving downstairs this coming month. Anyway, not much happening here - I just thought I'd post for fun. --;  
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The weekend   
05:50pm 16/05/2004
mood: okay
Spent most of the weekend helping fix up the pond at my parents' house. We took out the old liner, re-dug parts of the pond and created a rock shelf so that it would better blend in, and then put in the new liner (with a few missteps along the way, of course). Unfortunately, when we were putting the fishies back in, it turned out that our only koi died from all of the stress or something. I don't think he had a name since angelicaya doesn't live up there anymore, but it was a sad event nonetheless. May you find peace in the afterfishylife, Koi-san.

I also attended my friend Eva's French graduation ceremony, and while I was there, I found out that another girl that was graduating and who was a good friend of Eva's actually was in 3rd grade with me. I thought her name sounded familiar when it was read off, she looked familiar, and then her mom actually remembered me. Pretty funny. It was definitely good to talk to Eva again for a while too. Our summer vacations are once again totally conflicting, but she'll be in town for quite a while still, since she's going to med school at UNM. Maybe I can convince her to play some tennis with me sometime...

Lastly, grillick's computer is working, finally. His processor was DOA when the computer came in, but when I tried putting my old Athlon 800 in, it worked fine... except IT FROZE EVERY 15 MINUTES! The astute among you will remember that this was the problem that my old computer was having, so I guess it was the processor (which I never tried replacing, having no spares and being low on funds) all along. I ordered an 1800+ as a replacement, and Joel's using that as his processor until the replacement 2600+ from Newegg comes in. Now that I remembered to get his Diablo II chars off of this computer (at the parents'), maybe we can finally get some 3-player action going tonight. ^_^

I guess that's all for now. Oh, and flustered, I can probably talk on the phone a little bit more now that Aya brought her WORKING phone to replace mine, whose batteries would die in like 1 minute. >_
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Okazaki Ritsuko   
01:01am 14/05/2004
mood: sad
Okazaki Ritsuko, composer and singer for many anime-related songs, such as the Princess Tutu opening and ending themes, the composition of the Fruits Basket songs, and many of Horie Yui's albums, passed away this past week. I've felt real sadness in my heart every time I run across mention of her, so I just wanted to take a moment to note her passing and give thanks for her years of beautiful music that have really touched me and so many other anime fans.

Short update   
05:53pm 22/04/2004
mood: ecstatic
Computer ordered.

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06:13pm 18/04/2004
mood: depressed
Not getting computer at this time.

Amazing how much raised expectations can make something you were content with before seem totally crappy.
too funny   
06:30am 18/04/2004
mood: amused
[06:29] <DannyCat> Japanese language: "My sentences can only end in a vowel sound or 'n'." Korean language: "I can end my sentences with ANYTHING! Why, just yesterday, I ended a sentence with a BK Fish Filet!"

angelicaya, remind me that we need to get working on learning Korean!
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new computer and stuff   
03:19am 15/04/2004
mood: okay
So, it's been a while since I updated. I think about updating sometimes but I always decide that whatever I was thinking of updating with sounds stupid. Probably correct, but oh well. So here's a change - a non-Bemani-related, actual serious update.

The most important thing: I finally applied for readmittance to UNM (University of New Mexico). Yay, or something. I'm really still not sure that this is the best thing for me to do, but having a degree in something is still really important, even though it doesn't guarantee you anything. I understand that, and know that I should get my degree now (or really, I should have already gotten it), but it still feels so pointless when I've learned 500 times more Japanese on my own, and I could probably pick up more languages if I was actually motivated to do so. I really want to go into translation, but the only thing left before I'd feel 100% confident in working on professional Japanese translation is actually going and living in Japan for a while. Unfortunately, that's just not an option for me right now due to my lack of money, or I might just screw school for the moment and go do that. I guess real worry is that I'm going to be stuck in this same situation a couple years from now, with a degree that isn't helping at all, even less opportunities than I have now, and the knowledge that if I had done things differently I might actually have some experience that I could fall back on.

But I guess it's back to school for me. As incentive to actually go back, my parents offered to buy me a new computer if I strongly commit myself to school this upcoming semester, just out of the blue. I think it speaks volumes for my uncertainty about the whole proposition that I have waffled this long on reapplying or not. Now that I've taken the plunge, though, it's time to put together the new computer, so I spent the last couple days doing a little bit of research. Before I went ahead and ordered it, I thought I'd post my potential new computer here in case anyone had any suggestions or comments on it.

So here's the new computerCollapse )

Now then, in other news, Anthony put all of my new (and old) song translations online, so you can go see them at his site, ambivalences, in the music section. I think I'll sneak some Bemani in here too by mentioning that I did a translation for the Pop'n Music Card Game, which has made me really want to buy it and see how it plays. When I have money again...

I think that's all i have to say for now, and I'm going to go fix myself some food. Oh yeah, and I think I slept about 85% of yesterday for some reason. I really have no clue why, but I hope I can get back on some sort of sane sleep schedule again soon. -_-
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Stealth JASCII update   
07:14am 05/04/2004
mood: lethargic
Poof! More to come soon. >.>

Not much else new... wasted the whole day away at the parents' while angelicaya learned how to read patterns and use her sewing machine. Got over 300k on the Hyper Upper Course on Pop'n 9... Read AndrewV's Penny Arcade Remix page - I must say Japanese students are hilarious.

There's a new Tomoko Taniguchi manga out but that just makes me sad because I really don't have extra money to buy it with. :(
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Pop'n 11?   
05:18am 31/03/2004
  So starcreator said that Arcade Infinity (in LA) is getting a Pop'n 11 machine sometime, like after they fix the random bads problem... I AM SO THERE. Jason, road trip. >.>

When I have money, that is. StC had better get his butt out here too if we actually have money when and if this actually comes to fruition.
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Of typing, flowers, and whales   
06:20am 29/03/2004
mood: accomplished
Quiz: When you're sitting around at 5 AM wondering why you're still awake, what is the proper thing to do?

a) go to sleep
b) sit around some more
c) do something useful
d) play pop'n music

The answer, of course, is obviously d. And now e) random livejournal update

So I played this Pop'n Music typing game today... it's totally awesome. Basically, they assign each finger a color, and then instead of pop-kuns coming down the screen, you have little colored things with letters inside of them, and you have to type the right letter when that note should play, just like pop'n music. They added a magenta color for the 6th color, and the space bar is the red middle key still. Also, the songs are longer than normal, and they all have breaks in them where you just have to type some Japanese phrases by the time their bar hits the bottom of the screen - type faster, get bonus points. Overall it's really great, but there are only like 10 songs or something, so I wish they had a newer version (this one's pretty old - it has classic 2 on it).

Weekend wasn't too eventful otherwise - the highlight was getting to make characters for our new D&D campaign we're starting this week, since it turned out to be quite fun, and we got some interesting characters and premises for the story out of it. I'm certainly looking forward to Tuesday night this week!

Oh yes! I did some translations last night too - Kujira, Cosmos no saku koro ni, and Venus Say..., all by Buzy. Venus Say... is the awesome Twin Spica opening song, and Kujira is like an extended version of it with different lyrics. All the songs are written and composed by HOMMA Akimitsu, who arranged a lot of A Song for XX by Ayumi Hamasaki and does all the arrangements and a lot of the songwriting for the band Porno Graffiti. The lyrics for Venus Say... and Kujira were written by another member of Porno Graffiti, SHINDOU Haruichi. I'd have to say that they write good stuff, because I like all the Porno Graffiti stuff they've done as well. ^_^

If the links for the translations don't work yet, that's just because dreamhost is being retarded, so I can't upload the files. They'll work as soon as I can get them uploaded.

UPDATE: Moved links, they should work now.
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a random update   
03:29am 26/03/2004
mood: okay
Eh, I kept meaning to update but stuff.

Anyway, the most exciting part of the week has been the fact that this game I ordered called Iron Dragon came in. I bought it off of Ebay, and it came in amazingly good condition - much better than I expected. It's a rail building game where you construct a rail empire and make money by delivering things on your contracts. And you use crayons to mark off your rails on the board! It's one of a series of games that Mayfair Games has put out like this, but this one is pretty cool because it's set in a fantasy world and has some fun special rules to make it different. It also happens to be angelicaya's favorite, so we played it a lot earlier this week. She even won twice! I ordered the original game, Empire Builder, off of Ebay as well, so I hope that purchase turns out just as well. By the way, I wasn't aware that people still sold stuff on Ebay but didn't accept paypal. >.>

Pop'n Music 9 internet ranking is over, and I finally managed to get over 330k on the easiest hyper course, which made me quite happy. I got my highest score about 20 minutes before the ranking closed, too. I ended up at #459 on the hyper rankings for all of the courses combined, which was quite unsurprising because people are ridiculously good at that game. It's sad to see things from scores above you that say "been playing pop'n for 3 months! just wait!" and things like that, though. starcreator and I are always dumbfounded by how much more quickly some people seem to be able to get really good at bemani games than we ever seem to. :/

grillick and I are thinking about moving out of our current place and finding a larger place so that Aya can move in with us next year - I think it will be a lot of fun having her as a roommate again if everything works out, since I'll have someone to watch anime with again and we'll have enough people to play random boardgames if we're all bored. I'm totally incompetent about hunting for places to rent, though, so I'm kind of dreading that. Plus I'm dreading this whole figuring out what I need to do to get back into UNM too. I'm sure it will work out, but I sure wish I had some idea of what I was doing before I go...

Lastly, new anime season starts next week, but for those wondering, JASCII will be updated frequently whether I have my own computer or not. I've let it languish during this slow period but there's no way I'm missing this new season. ^_^

So, here's hoping that things go well!

Oh yeah, and here's a silly D&D memeCollapse )
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12:42pm 18/03/2004
mood: tired
So, I definitely should have remembered that the NCAA tournament started today BEFORE I stayed up until 7am playing Pop'n Music. I did pass some new stuff, improved lots of ranking scores, and finally got 100% item unlock, although it's too bad that I still don't know how to unlock the omake cg #69.

Anyway, I guess it's time for a day of basketball. One of my teams lost already, so I think I'll root for UTEP to knock off Maryland even though I didn't pick them. I still hold a fondness for the WAC since the Lobos used to be in it.

Not much going on otherwise. Boardgames are fun, Heroes 4 is fun, but I really wish I had a project. -_-